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M&E is the acronym for monitoring and evaluation.


M&E plan

A monitoring and evaluation plan is a comprehensive planning document for all monitoring and evaluation activities within a program. The plan documents the key M&E questions to be addressed: what indicators will be chosen, how often and where will the data be collected, what are the baseline values and what will be the target values, how will the data be analysed and interpreted, and to whom and how often will reports be developed and distributed.


Mois d’Approvisionnement Disponible

Marketing authorisation

Marketing authorisation for a medicine or medical product (also called product license or registration) is granted once the safety, efficacy and quality of a medicine has been established by a National Regulatory Authority (NRA). With this authorisation, the product can be imported, distributed and sold in the country.



Maximum reorder level

The maximum reorder level is the level above which the total inventory of a product should not exceed. This level is determined by the product shelf-life, amount of capital available, storage space, possibility of loss, the cost of maintenance, and fluctuation in prices and seasonality.


Médecin Chef de Zone


Médicaments Essentiels et Génériques



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