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This is a glossary of key terms used throughout the site.

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Inventory management

Inventory management can be defined as all activities carried out to maintain the optimum quantity of each inventory item. It includes inventory control, but is broader as it also encompasses the activities of quantification and procurement planning, determining when to order products, how much to order and the most effective source of supply for each item in the warehouse.


Inspection Provinciale de la Santé


IRP is the acronym for International Reference Prices, compiled using publicly available data on medicines prices from various sources. The most well-known IRP is the Management Sciences for Health (MSH) International Drug Price Indicator. It is widely recognized and regularly updated, and features the median price of a large number of medicines compiled from manufacturers, wholesalers, international organizations, and government. More information on their webpage.



Infirmier Titulaire


Infirmier Titulaire Adjoint



LCB is an acronym for Limited International Competitive Bidding, a procurement method.


Lead time

The lead time is the time between when a product is ordered, and when it is received and available. The meaning of the term can differ slightly depending on the agent or organisation involved. Procurement lead time is the time between when the order is placed and when the goods are received in the country. For a health facility, the lead time is the time between when the request for stock is placed with the central medical store in the country, and when the goods are received at the facility.


Liste Nationale des Médicaments Essentiels

Logical framework

A logical framework is a dynamic planning and management tool that makes logical correlations between the main elements of a program and project design and helps ensure that an intervention is likely to achieve measurable results.




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