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COPP is the acronym of certificate of pharmaceutical product (registration in country of origin).



Catholic Organisation for Relief and Development Aid

Counterfeit medicines

Counterfeit medicines are medicines made by someone other than the genuine manufacturer and refer to products that are deliberately and fraudulently mislabelled with respect to identity and/or source. Counterfeiting can occur for both branded and generic products and not only affects public health but also violates intellectual property rights.


CPP is the acronym of certificate of pharmaceutical product (registration in country of origin).


CQS is an acronym for Selection Based on the Consultants’ Qualifications, a procurement method.



Centre de Santé


Commande d’Urgence

Cultural awareness

Cultural awareness is the understanding of how a person's culture may shape their values, behaviour, beliefs and basic assumptions. It is an essential skill in the provision of culturally appropriate services in the health sector and supply chain management. 


Data sources

Data sources are the sources used to obtain data needed for monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of the supply chain. These may include, among many others, official government documents, data from the logistics management information system, data from the health management information system, clinic administrative records, staff or provider information, client-visit registers, interview data, sentinel-surveillance systems, and satellite imagery.


Distributeur à Base Communautaire

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