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Programme National de la Santé de la Reproduction


Programme National de la Transfusion Sanguine

Pooled procurement

Pooled procurement is the name for the purchase of products done by one procurement office on behalf of a group of clients (in the health supply chain, these can be health facilities, or countries). Members of the group agree to purchase certain medicines exclusively through the group.

Post-marketing surveillance

Post-marketing (or post-market) surveillance refers to the operations that monitor the safety of a medicine or medical product after its release on the market. Post-market surveillance is an important part of pharmacovigilance, and widens the control study of the safety of a medicine from a limited number of clinical trial participants to the general population.


PPM is an acronym for Pooled Procurement Mechanism (formerly known as VPP), a short-term strategy developed by the Global Fund aimed at ensuring a cost effective and efficient procurement of core health commodities.



Premier Périmé Premier Sorti


Programme de Renforcement et de Développement de l’Offre de l’accès aux Soins de santé en République Démocratique du Congo


Projet de Renforcement des Systèmes pour le Développement Humain


Poste de Santé


Plan Stratégique du Système National d’Approvisionnements en Médicaments Essentiels

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