September 2018

September 2018

by Griet Samyn -
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Dear participant on i+academy,

September is a new learning start for countless children and youngsters around the globe. We at i+academy want to ride the wave and let the breeze of a fresh beginning enter the growing learning community of health supply chain professionals.

Our new program of online courses for the last quarter of the year has been set. Anybody interested can enrol and join the course of their choice. Just click on a course title in the timeline on our front page and the information and instructions will appear.

We also want to underline anew that we are fully compliant and supportive of the new European GDPR rules on online privacy. If you do not want to receive this newsletter any longer, if you want to know what data we are keeping of your past learning activities, or if you wish to be fully removed from our server, go to your profile page, scroll down to the section privacy and policies, and contact the data protection officer.

Last but not least, we want to welcome the big cohort of Ghana participants who have joined us since July. As part of the GhiLMIS project sponsored by Global Fund, aimed at setting up a new LMIS covering all levels of the health system, they have quite a task ahead of them. The fact that they deemed it important to accompany this roll-out with capacity building through eight foundational courses on our learning platform is more than laudable. They daily prove that they are exceptionally active and enthusiastic participants.​

Last but not least, here's our calendar for the end of 2018: