August 2017

August 2017

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As a vivid testimonial of the growing acceptance of herbal and traditional medicines as a means to complement and enrich the modern medical landscape –on condition that they are safe, effective and quality-assured– our course on Good Manufacturing Practices of Medicines and Healthcare Products now includes chapters that specifically focus on traditional medicines. The content has been developed on initiative and sponsorship of GIZ Germany, and has been enthusiastically mastered by a first cohort of international students.

 Introdução à Gestão da Cadeia de Aprovisionamento de Medicamentos

At the same time, a group of participants from Angola working for the USAID Global Health Supply Chain Program have successfully completed the online course in Portuguese (probably the only existing) on basic principles of supply chain management of medicines and medical supplies.

“O curso foi muito bom porque enquadra-se naquilo que deve aplicar na  vida laboral dentro do projeto PSM Angola. Aprendi todas disciplinas do curso em particular aquilo que não sabia como: Utilização racional de medicamentos; alguns aspectos das roturas regulares; garantias de qualidades; Princípios básicos de aquisição de medicamentos e Monitória e Avaliação. Vou sempre partilhar essa experiência do curso com todos parceiros afim de atingir os objetivos do projeto.”

 Last but not least, the learning platform has fully gone mobile!

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Upcoming courses

  • Sep 04 Supply Chain Management of Essential Laboratory Commodities
  • Sep 04 Approvisionnement en médicaments et fournitures médicales
  • Sep 11 Introducción a la gestión de la cadena de suministro de medicamentos
  • Sep 11 Procurement of Medicines and Medical Supplies
  • Sep 11 Introduction à la gestion de la chaîne d’approvisionnement pour les systèmes de santé
  • Sep 18 Quantification des produits de santé essentiels
  • Oct 02 Quality Assurance in Supply Chain Management of Medicines
  • Oct 09 Quantification of Medicines and Health Products
  • Oct 16 Assurance qualité dans la gestion logistique des médicaments
  • Oct 16 Warehouse Management for Health Systems

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