Managing Transport and Distribution of Medicines Up to the Last Mile

Course programme
Online course (ENDLM001) - October 2019


The Last mile, is where the patients, clients and end-users are located. In many low and middle-income countries, the last mile is often the weakest link in the supply chain thus putting patient lives and huge investments upstream at risks. 

Using a participatory approach built on a strong didactic and experiential learning, this course exposes learners to understand the meaning, realities and context of working in the last mile, its unique characteristics, peculiar issues and challenges.

This course takes learners on a journey to the last mile and encourages critical thinking and pragmatic approach to solving issues of last mile distribution by leveraging best practices from the commercial and private sector.

Course duration

6 weeks

Start date: Monday, 7 October 2019 13:00 (UTC)

End date: Monday, 18 November 2019 13:00 (UTC)

Level of effort:

Course schedule

Week 1
Transport and distribution
Week 2
Last mile supply chain
Week 3
Humanitarian supply chain and last mile distribution
Week 4
Innovations in last mile distribution
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