Alumni course on Logistics Management Information Systems for Healthcare

Course programme


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Poor inventory decisions can disrupt healthcare services, erode an organisation’s profitability, sustainability and generally wreak havoc on the supply chain. A major fraction of expenditure in many organisation are spent on inventories which if not managed properly may severely impact on quality and service delivery in a resource-constraints environment.

This course focuses on inventory and its associated information systems and technologies. These two components are important as they influence availability of medicines, patients treatment outcomes and ultimately performance ratings of healthcare. Join us as we unravel together the critical role of inventory in healthcare and how to achieve uninterrupted flow of health commodities to patients and end users!

Teaching and learning strategy

This e-course requires the students to go through the course materials on the learning platform with the support of an online facilitator to encourage self-directed learning. Taking part in discussion forums, exchanging ideas with fellow participants and completing online quizzes will form a vital part of the learning experience.

Assessment and grading

Participants will be graded based on their online participation and completion of activities. A certificate of completion and an e-badge will be awarded to all those who complete a minimum of 75% of all online activities (lessons, quizzes, discussion forums). The percentage of completion will be measured automatically online as the participant goes through the course.

In addition, there are several short assignments to guide the learning process of the participants, offering feedback on the submissions and an opportunity to interact with the facilitator. Assignment responses should be submitted within the respective due dates (one week after opening) as to the schedule below.

Course duration

6 weeks

Level of effort: 4 hours per week

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