Laboratory Supply Chain Management

Course programme
Online course (ENLAB006) - March 2020


Laboratory services are essential for successful management many diseases. The management of diseases requires availability of quality laboratory services that meet the need for diagnosis, monitoring and evaluation of treatment efficacy. To achieve this, a reliable and sustainable supply of essential laboratory supplies is required. The aim of the course is to apply the principles of supply chain management to the management of laboratory commodities in low and middle income countries.

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Course objectives

Course duration

42 weeks

Start date: Monday, 9 March 2020 13:00 (UTC)

End date: Thursday, 1 January 1970 13:00 (UTC)

Level of effort: 4 hours per week

Course schedule

Week 1
The basic building blocks of a health system
Introduction to the supply chain cycle of medicines
Laboratory services network as part of the health system
Week 2
The concept of laboratory commodity security
Selection of laboratory commodities
Week 3
Quantification of laboratory commodities
Procurement of laboratory commodities
Week 4
Warehousing and distribution of laboratory commodities
LMIS and inventory management
Week 5
Standardisation of laboratory equipment
Rational use of laboratory commodities
Week 6
Quality assurance of laboratory commodities
Monitoring and evaluation of the laboratory supply chain
Course completion
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